Our mission: 

We're creating a space for community, connection & coaching to increase women's participation in mountain biking (and other forms of endurance biking such as gravel, road, etc.) which is facilitated by our shared love of trails, nature & the magnificent outdoors

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The Story:

After retiring from racing, founder Talitha Vogt was inspired to form Girl Bike Luv when it became clear that there was a need in the bike community for a more women-friendly atmosphere in regards to trail talk, training, and even for general discussions about life. 


Witnessing years of male-centered comments and behavior in mountain biking group post discussions that made her and other women feel excluded and left out, she decided it was time to create a new, more inclusive discussion and subsequently formed this community.


After all, she had seen many of her female friends rise to the top, excel, and shine after being given the right space for it, so why couldn't she create that space for others now?

Have a look around, sign up for the community and please participate as much as you are able!

girl bike luv

Our mission is to create a space for community & connection to increase women's participation in mountain biking (and other forms of endurance biking such as gravel, road, etc.) through the shared love of trails, nature & the magnificent outdoors.

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photo credit:  Lyly Noble


I'm Talitha Vogt and my goal is to bridge the gap between heart-centered coaching and science.  I saw a need within the bike community for honesty, encouragement, and above all else, embodying self-love in life as well as our bike endeavors.


To me, this means maintaining a community environment that is positive and healthy, but also striving to keep it real about how we can get you to a place where you are rocking your bike skills and endurance goals!


I coach full-time, so this means I can focus all of my energy into developing my athletes to become stronger!  I am also USAC certified and have over 20 years of mountain biking experience including racing in the pro women's category, with 13 total years in competition and other goal events. 

Being a member of the community grants you access to social rides, training rides, group trips, skills clinics, and more!


USAC Level 3 Cycling Coach

Dr Stacy Sims "Women are not Small Men" Certification

Wellness Coaching Certificate RRCC

SafeSport Trained

Coaching Experience:

One-on-one coaching since 2010

Skills Coaching since 2009

Behavior change coaching since 2017

Athletic Experience:

MTB XC racing since 2000

Podium highlights: 

  • MTB XC Nationals

  • Colorado MTB State Championships

  • 24-hour MTB Team National Championships


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