"She believed she could, so she did."

-R.S. Grey 

photo credit: Lyly Noble

Tap into your inner grit with the advocacy and support of a professional cycling coach.

Have fun, get fit, meet new friends, and tackle your goals all while improving your physical and mental health!


photo credit: Stacey Perry Kramer

"Women are not small men."

-Dr Stacy Sims


photo credit: Petar Dopchev why are we training like men?

photo credit: Stacey Perry Kramer

endurance & skills coaching

for women, by women

photo credit: Stacey Perry Kramer

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Providing bike and triathlon endurance and skills coaching for women locally in the front range of Colorado and online for anywhere else.


Coaching plans are available for mountain biking, road cycling, gravel, triathlon and more.


Specializing in mentoring those who want to conquer significant personal goals or are interested in or curious about racing.

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