woman riding mountain bike hard


(Level 1)


  • see what coaching is all about

  • keep training simple

  • train with PE (perceived effort) or Heart Rate

  • receive a customized plan for 1-month at a time

  • give coaching a try but don’t want to invest a lot into it right now

  • email your coach once a week with 24-36 hour response time

  • talk to your coach on the phone once a month (phone call can be scheduled any time M-F and can be done immediately)

  • make self-adjustments to your schedule

  • gain fitness to simply enjoy your bike rides more

  • complete an event with no specific goal in mind


  • Keep in mind that this package was created because of a desire to offer an entry-level, affordable option.

  • You sign up online.  

  • You will receive a questionnaire within 24 hours.

  • A private link to your new Training Peaks Basic account will be shared with you.

  • You will receive a customized plan based on Perceived Effort or Heart Rate for ONE month of training at a time, starting with the date you specify. 

  • You can schedule one phone call a month, anytime.

  • You can email once weekly (guaranteed 24-36 hour response time, M-F).

  • Emails will be answered Mon-Fri from 8a-5p.

  • If your schedule needs adjusting, you can self-adjust as needed after email or phone calls with your coach. 

  • When the next month comes, you will receive a plan for that month and we start that process all over again.

  • Texting is not included with this package.