Coaching Associates

Please note that each has their own individual coaching structure and fees.

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Jenni Nettik

specialty: running form & coaching

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Need more work on your running than anything else?


Jenni is our honorary runner.  Her love of running and life is contagious!  She is the founder of Mercuria Running, and specializes in running form, training plans, and online coaching. Jenni strives to help runners dream big, train smart, and reach their goals with confidence. She works with runners of all abilities on distances ranging from 5k to marathons to ultras.

Connect with Jenni about what using proper running form can do for you and your goals.



Nicky Down

specialty: optimal bike fit

Suspect that nagging ache in your hips or knee is related to how your bike fits?


Nicky continually brightens lives with her upbeat attitude and hilarious perspectives.  With over 10 years of experience certified in Specialized's Body Geometry fit system, she will work closely with you to discover your optimal bike fit to prevent injury and maximize comfort as well as performance. 

Talk to Nicky about what a proper bike fit can do for you! 


Looking for a Community to ride consistently?


Check out the Switchback Chics MTB club for weekly group rides to explore intermediate friendly trails across the front range. Includes guided/coached rides, skills, fitness and bike maintenance clinics, epic long rides and the option to train for a mountain biking race or big adventure ride with the group! CLICK the pic to learn more/register now or HERE.