Ready to take a shot at a personal achievement in an endurance bike event such as: mountain, road, gravel or triathlon

Simply want to get fitter and faster on your bike?


Let’s tackle your goals together!

Offering women-specific endurance coaching for mountain biking, road cycling, gravel, triathlon, and more.

Coaching options are available for every level of enthusiasm.


Have fun, ride bikes!

How do you know that you're ready for coaching?

Do you have a goal event or personal achievement picked out?

I can provide assistance with SMART goals!

Are you ready and willing to do the workouts?

Options ranging from 3-6 days a week exist.

Have you carved out time in your schedule for working towards your goals?

Time investment ranges from 45 mins to 1.5 hours during the week with longer hours on weekends, depending on your specific goals.

Cyclists:  Do you have a heart rate monitor, smart trainer or power meter or Peloton bike? Heart rate only is OK!

Go here to read about power training.

Triathletes:  Do you have one of the above plus swim and running gear?

Go here to read more about triathlon coaching.

Indoor riders:  Have you found a suitable space in your home for your workouts?

Athletes say they prefer to have the area set up permanently for ease of use.

Outdoor riders:  Do you live near or have easy access to varying terrain to be able to do different types of workouts?

Access to longer flat roads and varying climbs with one hill that takes you at least 15 mins to ride up are the most ideal.

If you answered "yes" to your applicable questions, you're ready to show some LUV to your fitness!!!

Satisfaction Guarantee

It's so important to find a good match

when working with a coach.


For that reason, all coaching packages come with a

15-day satisfaction guarantee


If you are dissatisfied within the first 2 weeks, you will receive a full refund and no more charges will occur.

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