coaching philosophy

photo credit: Samantha Bissell

What does women-focused, heart-centered coaching mean?


For one, we are all women, so we know what it's like to train and compete in the very male-dominated world of competitive sports.  Whatever your goals are, whatever experience you're having, it's likely that we've been there. 


We've trained, competed, won, failed, over-trained, stayed focused while we had significant life events occurring, dealt with being injured, trained some more, shown up at big events feeling strong only to have our expectations shattered, crashed, and then have gotten back up and done it all over again and still would today.  It's in our veins... and we can't wait to share our collective knowledge with you!

We believe that competition doesn't always have to be focused on others... and that this notion does somewhat of a disservice to the healthy pursuit of fitness through sport as a means to quality of life and longevity.

We also believe that being fit, competitive, and/or strong doesn't necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice what it means to be feminine or lose a piece of that along the way.

Heart-centered coaching means authentic connection, healthy relationship dynamics, and creating balance within your goals is key. It means that as a coach, I will always take the time to listen and work to understand exactly what you need in our work together, and that comes first, before anything else.

In addition, women should approach their training a little differently than men. The differences in our body chemistry and unique physiology begin at a young age.

This means you will come to understand your body more and learn to leverage your fluctuations to your advantage.

It's not that there are dramatic differences in our training regimens, but a little bit of knowledge can go a long way towards understanding what is happening with our bodies in our different phases, monthly as well as lifelong, and this is paramount to our successes.

Fortunately, this knowledge is becoming more and more common. See the FAQs page for more details about how women-focused coaching is being used in the athletic world now.


Women-focused endurance coaching means you never have to feel shy about sharing what’s going on with your female cycle and hormones.  In fact, it is encouraged, as it can be a valuable marker as well as a great tool to get you to your goals!