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What is endurance coaching?

With a fully customized (to you and your life) training schedule, I will train you to complete endurance events with strength, stamina, and confidence- events like The Bailey Hundo/Hundito, Leadville, Garmin Unbound, The Triple Bypass, The Grand TraverseEmerald Mountain Epic, Crusher in the Tushar, etc... and the list goes on, there are so many to choose from! Epic endurance events are all over the world- from Colorado, Utah, Hawaii, Oregon, California, to places as far away as British Columbia, Switzerland or New Zealand. 


Want to compete for a podium spot and not just finish? Let's go for it.


I bring over 12 years total of endurance racing experience to our relationship, giving you the edge you need to succeed.




Do you do skills coaching?

Yes, I do organized skills clinics, go HERE for info on that.

On group COACHED RIDES, the skills coaching is very light. 


For the most specific attention and skills instruction, schedule a private one-on-one session

I can also refer you to others who offer upper level skills clinics (like big jump progressions), as there are quite a few good ones in Colorado.

I want to know more about women-specific coaching, can you give me some resources? 

So glad you asked!  Go HERE for an excellent book written by Dr. Stacy Sims about women and endurance.  Go HERE for the FitrWoman app to start to familiarize yourself with your cycle and training.  I'll be publishing things like this on my Facebook page, but this is a great article about how the U.S. Women's National Team used period tracking to segue the team into their history-making World Cup performance in 2019.

For more specific information, visit: Outfoxxed Endurance Coaching.

What exactly is this women-specific coaching thing?

It simply means that throughout our coaching, we will work to leverage your hormones to work for you and not against you.  You will also develop a better understanding of what is happening in the different phases of our lives, including pre-menstrual, menstrual years, pregnancy, peri-menopause, and menopause.  I also work hard to create an environment where talking about your cycle is completely comfortable and encouraged.

Do I have to have a power meter?

No, you absolutely do not!  I do highly recommend training with power and heart rate for the most controlled outcome, but it is totally fine to use Perceived Effort or heart rate.  If you want to know more about training with power, see my page on this.


Why so much talk about intervals?  What are they for?

Doing interval workouts is a way of squeezing in specific work into compact time constraints. So, we have you do specific work determined by what phase of training you’re in and in a shorter amount of time. With an interval schedule, most of your weekday workouts will be 1 hour to 1.5 hours max if you are doing intervals.  It’s really the ideal way to go for people who work full time. It can even be argued that it’s more beneficial for those who work part time as well. 

I don’t want to do intervals. What if I want to ride outside instead?

If you want your schedule to be based on outdoor riding and not intervals, and you have the time for longer rides, then we can absolutely arrange your schedule for that!


Can I do my weekly intervals on a trainer?

Yes, yes, yes!  Trainer workouts have SO many positive attributes. They are controlled, compact, and predictable.  You can do your workouts quickly and efficiently and don’t have to worry about weather or traffic or other variables. You can even use a Peloton bike for your intervals if that's what you have.


I want details, so tell me what exactly happens when I hire you as my coach?


See each package description page for very specific details on this question.

What’s the least expensive option?

The most economical option is to go with the AMBITION Level 1 package. 


Do you coach men?

Since I've gotten this question a few times now, I decided to add it to this page.  My expertise and focus is on women, but if you're interested in my coaching and you like what you're reading on my site, I have coached men before and would love to work with you, just shoot me a message and we'll go from there.

What if I have other questions?

No problem, just drop me a note anytime, I always take the time to answer, and it's no charge to you!  You may either email me at or go to the contact page and drop me a quick message there.  We can also set up a phone consult if you think that would work better for you.  Don't hesitate to reach out.