(Level 3)


  • train with lofty goals in mind

  • train with power and/or heart rate

  • receive in-depth analysis of your power and/or heart rate files

  • train for a specific event that has strict cutoff times

  • have a plan that’s specific to your experience and goals

  • have your schedule adjusted as much as is needed to fit your life

  • receive same-day or within 24-hour email responses

  • talk to your coach every week

  • ride with your coach once a month

  • initiate emails and texts with your coach as well as receive coach-initiated check-ins, etc.


  • You sign up online.

  • You will receive a questionnaire within 24 hours. 

  • A private link will be shared with you for your new Training Peaks account, included in your monthly package amount.

  • Next, we schedule a day for me to come to your location to do a Baseline Power and/or Heart Rate Test, depending on your sport. 

  • You then send me the data from your test and your personalized Power Ranges Chart will be developed from that test. 

  • Next, you will receive a training schedule in Training Peaks, typically one week at a time.  

  • Each time you upload data from your workouts, that data will be analyzed and used to determine the next week’s workload and interval schedule based off of what is in the data. 

  •  Your schedule typically gets built on Sunday evenings. 

  • We can talk on the phone once a week, just email to set it up or we can have a set day of the week.

  • Check-in emails FROM your coach are also included, and can include resources and other information to get you to your goals.  

  • You can email anytime (unlimited) with any questions you have.

  • Emails will typically be answered Mon-Fri from 8-5p. 

  • For quick questions, you may text me any time, any day, including Sat/Sun, before 8pm.  

  • 1 X monthly private coaching rides are also included (ride length that matches where you are at in your fitness and your goals), which have to be scheduled in advance.