5 Front Range Trails Near Denver, Colorado That Won't Destroy You

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Mountain bike singletrack with trees on Green Mountain, Lakewood, Colorado.
The one tree section on Green Mountain in Lakewood Colorado.

It’s no secret that there are a lot more people riding bikes right now. Biking has taken center stage as one of the best and healthiest ways to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining social distancing. As a result, there are many new riders out there in the front range area of Denver, Colorado trying out our mountain biking trails. While I am personally stoked to see this, I also remember how it was for me as a newer mountain biker when I moved here in 2002: our trails can be really difficult!

That’s what gave me the idea to write this article- aimed at those who are trying to get out on their bikes a little more and have some fun, but don’t want to feel destroyed after- or like they walked the entire trail. Making time for rides can be a huge reliever of stress during these times, and it helps with getting used to how your bike handles and feels on different terrain while building your endurance along the way.

I do want to address trail etiquette first and foremost. Long-time mountain bikers are no strangers to the ongoing relationship with other trail users. There have even been a few times of higher tension since I moved here, and trail use advocates are always working hard behind the scenes to protect our trail usage rights. When you show up at a trail that you are allowed to ride, chances are, at some point, there may have been a controversy around MTB trail rights at that very trail. Keep this perspective when out there riding and choose to abide by proper trail etiquette.

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In no particular order, some trails