Hot Topics: Saddles and Bike Fit

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

It’s so natural for us to want to zero in on the simplest thing. “If my butt hurts, it must be my saddle”. “If my foot hurts, it must be my shoes”.

Have you ever taken the time to consider how many points of contact you have with your bike? Saddle, handlebars, pedals. All three must be in harmony with one another for a strong foundation in how your bike “fits” you, not to mention the physical factors of our back muscles and overall core stability/strength.

I love simplicity, so I almost hesitate to write this article. I really wish it was simple because I love having a simple answer for people. Who doesn’t love an easy answer? But, unfortunately, the almost infinite combination of factors that come into play in regards to how your saddle fits you prevents an easy answer in this situation.

“My butt hurts” could translate to:

  • Your chamois is old/aging.

  • Your saddle is too high/too low.

  • Your saddle is too far back/too far forward.

  • The shorts/chamois combo you are using has too many seams.

  • Your entire bike fit is way off and you squirm around too much on climbs.