What is "Phase Training"?

Ever been on an endurance training plan and thought that some parts felt “wrong” or “off” and you weren’t sure why? Ever felt like you were working harder than usual to do the same efforts? Maybe you've even felt like you were actually working against your body at times?

Did any of the above leave you feeling a little nutty or unsure about yourself because everyone around you seemed to be doing fine with their training?

Well, in fact, your gut instincts and feelings were probably correct and now science explains to us why.

So, what is “Phase Training”, exactly?

It’s the process of taking into consideration the different phases of women’s lives, as well as monthly cycles when formulating training plans.

It’s not quackery, it is based on cutting-edge research and science.

It’s a method of leveraging all women’s natural fluctuations towards fitness improvements. More specifically: doing more powerful workouts when we feel powerful, and other types of workouts when we don’t.