Your Bike = Your Fun Support Equipment

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

photo credit: Lyly Noble

Some of you know, and some of you don’t, but one of the other ways I like to enjoy the outdoors and combine that with traveling, is SCUBA diving. It took me quite a few years to become proficient at it, primarily because there really aren’t that many places to practice in Colorado, and secondarily because I had some obstacles I had to overcome before I became completely confident under water. Nowadays, I have even gone so far to purchase my own gear, because I knew that my experience would be just that much better and safer if I did.

In SCUBA, we refer to our equipment as “Life Support Equipment”. And we treat it that way. Intense attention to detail is constantly given to maintain the gear, especially when it comes to the O-rings and regulators. After all, in a deep-water environment, all it takes is one seemingly innocent part failure to be a matter of life and death for the user, and potentially other divers, as well.

In some ways, bicycles are similar- we take them out and challenge ourselves with high speeds, rocky technical sections, big drops, and random road debris. In a way, they are also life support equipment, but since that really doesn’t match up quite as well as it does with SCUBA, I came up with a better term: Fun Support Equipment.

Bicycles are your Safe Fun Support Equipment!

And we need to treat them this way.

I can’t think of many bike veterans that haven’t had at least some type of crash during the course of their biking career. Some crashes are mild, while others are more like a perfect storm of factors, terrain, bike parts failing, or random road hazards. And the truth is that you simply can’t prevent all accidents, no matter how much attention you give to your equipment, because accidents are a part of pushing our limits and getting better. But we sure can reduce the chances, at least somewhat, by taking better care of our bikes!