Women's Group Skills Clinics

About our clinics and what makes us different:

  • All of our clinics are taught by women instructors and are women specific in nature.

  • We focus on "micro skills".  

  • Mountain bike skills are not just a few separate actions, but rather a set of actions, all working in harmony with one another.

  • Many clinics focus on too many things at once, leaving riders feeling overwhelmed and wondering what they actually learned.

  • With our clinics, we focus on solidifying one skill at a time and emphasize allowing adequate time for development.

  • Our clinics are always capped at smaller attendance to assure a more "private lesson" feel.

  • All clinics are women-only for more camaraderie and fun among attendees!

Look for more clinic dates and more opportunity to take the levels in proper succession in 2021.

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Level 2 Basic MTB Skills Group Clinic

Sunday September 20, 2020


Green Mountain

Rooney Road Trailhead Parking:



COVID-19 INFORMATION: To keep our coaches and participants safe, this clinic will be limited to 6 participants, and face coverings as well as social distancing will be required at all times.  Link will be disabled as soon as capacity is reached.

Topics to be covered:

Balance/Bike Body Separation/Faster Cornering/Riding DOWN Rocky Sections


Level 1 must be completed and passed before doing Level 2. You may send me a message prior to determine if an exception can be made. An understanding of bike suspension (in Level 1) is critical for your upward progress in mountain biking.


Clinic Includes:


1- BALANCE DRILLS - We'll go through a series of drills to help you understand where your body weight is centered on your bike.


2- BIKE/BODY SEPARATION DRILLS - We'll go through a series of drills to help you establish bike/body separation in your brain! ;-)


3- CORNERING/FASTER CORNERING - We'll help you corner correctly, with finesse, and gradually improve your cornering speed.


4- RIDE CONFIDENTLY DOWN LARGE ROCKS - We'll guide you through skills to give you the confidence to ride down larger ramp-like rocks (no drops or ledges yet) with ease!


Max 6 participants.


All riders MUST wear a helmet, shoes that enclose your toes, and have a trail-ready bike.
Gloves, layers, and additional padding is encouraged.
You should have decent basic bike control.
Your bike should fit you and be in good working order.
Minimum age to participate is 14 years old


Liability waiver must be signed before attending. See copy of waiver HERE.

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