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Women's Group Skills Clinics


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"I liked Talitha’s enthusiasm and friendliness. She was very knowledgeable and encouraging, making learning new skills fun."


- A.O. from Littleton, CO

About our clinics and what makes us different:

  • All of our clinics are taught by women instructors and are women specific in nature.

  • We focus on "micro skills".  

  • Mountain bike skills are not just a few separate actions, but rather a set of actions, all working in harmony with one another.

  • Many clinics focus on too many things at once, leaving riders feeling overwhelmed and wondering what they actually learned.

  • With our clinics, we focus on solidifying one skill at a time and emphasize allowing adequate time for development.

  • Our clinics are always capped at smaller attendance to assure a more "private lesson" feel.

  • All clinics are women-only for more camaraderie and fun among attendees!



LEVEL 1: Suspension/Braking/Cornering/Hill Starts

LEVEL 2: Balance/Bike Body Separation/Faster Cornering/Riding DOWN Rocky Sections

LEVEL 3: Improved Balance/Small to Medium Drops/Step-Ups


LEVEL 4: MORE Balance/Downhill Rock Gardens

LEVEL 5: UPHILL SKILLS IMPROVEMENT- Bigger Step-ups/Longer Uphill Rocks Sections

(some food for thought: uphill MTB skills are more heavily dependent on fitness, specifically "high-end" fitness)

Look for more clinic dates and opportunities to take the levels in proper succession in 2021.


About the coach:

Talitha Vogt is a full-time endurance and skills coach dedicated to teaching her athletes to improve and become badasses on their bikes.  Known for her exceptional technical skills in a field full of fitness junkies, she has earned podium spots at XC Nationals and Colorado State Champs.  Nowadays, she dedicates her time to inspire women to dream big and aim high with their goals, on and off the bike!

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